The confidence our clients have placed in our work over the years provides the basis for our relationships with the people and companies we serve. Today, cooperation – and communication – are still the drivers that shape our attitude towards our work. Plus we take an approach towards our advisory activities that reflects our geographical origins in the German Rhineland. That explains why our clients find us optimistic, energetic and – last but far from least – friendly. Naturally this synergy is obvious in our daily work. At VRT, experts from various specialized areas work together to create the best possible solutions for our clients. You and your organization can also benefit from our cross-disciplinary resources.

Rigid lending policies, tougher competition, a critical economic situation - today's SMEs face challenges on many fronts. Previously successful strategies and instruments are often no longer sufficient under these changed conditions if a company wants to maintain its position in the market in the future. Medium-sized companies need solutions that are demand-oriented and easy to implement in practice. In cooperation with our colleagues from tax consultancy, auditing and legal advice, we offer the high-quality support such companies need. In your interests, we attach great importance to integrity, objectivity and neutrality in auditing. We analyze facts, present them transparently and uncover weaknesses in the company. In line with our integrative consulting approach, we strive to create economic added value for the client within the scope of our auditing services. For us, auditing is always the starting point for future-oriented, creative economic, tax and legal advice.