Past-oriented accounting

Assessment of past-oriented accounting is an essential prerequisite for adequate evaluation of the opportunities and risks of an organization as well as for the development of viable entrepreneurial visions. We perform all types of statutory and voluntary audits based on national and international standards for our clients.

Internal structures minimize risk

One of our core services involves structuring accounting operations to create a practical and efficient instrument for centralized management and planning. In addition to proper application of accounting principles and practices, our audit professionals and other service line personnel involved in audits focus their efforts on precise analysis of our clients’ financial and economic situation to detect hidden risk exposure that could negatively impact the future development of the company.

Risk management, compliance

We would be delighted to assist you in connection with internal audits and the introduction of risk management or compliance systems. In keeping with our interdisciplinary approach, we involve specialized personnel from other VRT service lines as necessary – for example, tax accountants, lawyers and restructuring specialists.


We serve medium-sized companies as well as publicly traded corporations. We regularly provide advice and support to facilitate the preparation and audit of reports in compliance with national and international accounting standards.

VRT’s auditors regularly provide the following services:


• Statutory and voluntary audits of standalone and consolidated financial statements
• Accounting in compliance with national and international accounting standards
• Special audits for corporate formation, capital increases, transformation and restructuring
• Audits pursuant to § 16 of the Broker and Property Developer Regulation (Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung – MaBV) and § 24 of the Regulation on Financial Investment Brokerage (Finanzanlagenvermittlungsverordnung – FinVermV)
• Due diligence audits
• Valuation of companies
• Structuring of reporting activities
• Internal audits and risk management
• Compliance issues



Spectrum of services

  • Statutory audits
  • Voluntary audits
  • Audit-related services
  • Corporate valuation
  • Personnel management
  • Energy consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Corporate management/Controlling
  • Risk management
  • Rating advice
  • Legal advice
  • Compliance for medium-sized companies and family-owned enterprises