Past-oriented accounting

Assessment of past-oriented accounting is an essential prerequisite for adequate evaluation of the opportunities and risks of an organization as well as for the development of viable entrepreneurial visions. We perform all types of statutory and voluntary audits based on national and international standards for our clients.

Internal structures minimize risk

One of our core services involves structuring accounting operations to create a practical and efficient instrument for centralized management and planning. In addition to proper application of accounting principles and practices, our audit professionals and other service line personnel involved in audits focus their efforts on precise analysis of our clients’ financial and economic situation to detect hidden risk exposure that could negatively impact the future development of the company.

Risk management, compliance

We would be delighted to assist you in connection with internal audits and the introduction of risk management or compliance systems. In keeping with our interdisciplinary approach, we involve specialized personnel from other VRT service lines as necessary – for example, tax accountants, lawyers and restructuring specialists.


We serve medium-sized companies as well as publicly traded corporations. We regularly provide advice and support to facilitate the preparation and audit of reports in compliance with national and international accounting standards.

VRT’s auditors regularly provide the following services:


• Statutory and voluntary audits of standalone and consolidated financial statements
• Accounting in compliance with national and international accounting standards
• Special audits for corporate formation, capital increases, transformation and restructuring
• Audits pursuant to § 16 of the Broker and Property Developer Regulation (Makler- und Bauträgerverordnung – MaBV) and § 24 of the Regulation on Financial Investment Brokerage (Finanzanlagenvermittlungsverordnung – FinVermV)
• Due diligence audits
• Valuation of companies
• Structuring of reporting activities
• Internal audits and risk management
• Compliance issues



Spectrum of services

  • Statutory audits
  • Voluntary audits
  • Audit-related services
  • Corporate valuation
  • Personnel management
  • Energy consulting
  • Management consulting
  • Corporate management/Controlling
  • Risk management
  • Rating advice
  • Legal advice
  • Compliance for medium-sized companies and family-owned enterprises


Objectivity and integrity

For us, auditing your company's annual financial statements is much more than just preparing the legally required audit certificate for the annual financial statements. VRT's inherent critical attitude, with which we examine your financial statements for correctness and possible misstatements, makes objectivity and integrity a quality feature of your annual financial statements, which thus acquire the necessary trustworthiness.

Tailor-made audit approach for your company

Our risk-oriented audit approach complies with national and international standards, takes into account the specifics of your industry and is individually tailored to your company.

Several of VRT's auditors are also registered as quality control auditors with the Chamber of Auditors in accordance with § 57 a Para. 3 WPO and are therefore authorised to conduct external quality control audits ("peer review") at other auditing firms

Our services

We provide competent support for the following tests:

  • Audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Foundation audits
  • Audits of capital increases against contributions in kind
  • Audits in accordance with the German Transformation Act
  • Audits in accordance with the Broker and Property Developer Ordinance (MaBV) and the Financial Investment Brokerage Ordinance (FinVermV)
  • Special stages
  • external quality control audits ("peer review") according to § 57a WPO.

Take the opportunity to present an accurate picture of your company's figures with a certificate or attestation from VRT.

Even if the legislator does not prescribe an audit in individual cases, a voluntary audit is always trust-building. We will be happy to carry out voluntary audits or audit reviews of annual financial statements for you, whether based on the requirements of the articles of association or the articles of association, or based on the requirements of third parties (e.g. banks and other capital providers). An audit can of course also be limited to individual balance sheet items.

We ensure real added value for your company

We check and create transparency in the following voluntary audits:

  • Audits of annual financial statements and consolidated financial statements
  • Audit of the risk management and monitoring system
  • Assessment of rescue and restructuring concepts
  • Due Diligence - audits for company and investment transactions
  • Examination of the regularity of the management, e.g. in accordance with § 53 HGrG
  • Special audits, e.g. embezzlement audits or compliance audits
  • Impairment testing of contributions in kind
  • Exercise of the information and inspection rights of shareholders

Our expertise in operational accounting makes us a competent partner for the design of your internal and external accounting system as well as the introduction of efficient controlling instruments.

We advise public corporations on the conversion of their cameralistic accounting systems to commercial accounting within the framework of the New Municipal Finance Management (NKF).

Count on the support of VRT:

  • We advise you on all accounting and valuation issues
  • We help to optimise internal and external accounting
  • We support you in the introduction of controlling instruments
  • We take care of the takeover or establishment of the internal audit
  • We provide comprehensive advice on corporate transactions

Well-founded value measurements

Not only in company transactions (such as the purchase and sale of companies or parts of companies) or in the establishment of joint ventures does value determination play a decisive role. Also in the context of corporate succession, in disputes under company law or 

  • Valuations in the run-up to company transactions
  • Preparation of integrated planning calculations in advance of the evaluation process
  • Analysis of the effects of strategic action alternatives on the company value
  • Valuation issues in the context of joint ventures, financing, management buy-ins and buy-outs, and restructuring
  • Assessment of severance payments in the event of withdrawal of shareholders and disputes under company law
  • Valuation in the context of inheritance or divorce law disputes
  • Valuations in the context of company succession and for the optimisation of the inheritance and gift tax burden


Valuation methods

From a tax point of view, the valuation regulations of the new inheritance tax law, which have been in force since 2009, increasingly require an expert opinion in comparison to the systematically too high valuations in tax law. Depending on the reason for the valuation, different valuation methods are used.

The method most frequently used for domestic valuations is the capitalised earnings value method, which is based on the future financial surpluses of the company. By contrast, the discounted cash flow method (DCF) is very common in the international context. In individual cases or for the purposes of plausibility checks, a valuation based on multiples (e.g. sales or profit multiples) is also suitable.

Our experts will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding the valuation of your company.


VRTPersonalmanagement GmbH offers you the service of an external personnel department. Relieve yourself and trust in the competence of our experts.
Whether online or directly in your company - we take over all tasks arising in the personnel area for you and take care of


  • Payroll accounting
  • Support for your employees
  • Correspondence with authorities and social security institutions
  • Travel expenses and overtime management
  • Cost Management
  • Restructuring of entrenched processes
  • New standardisation of your forms
  • Preparation of contracts and company agreements
  • Temporary work

Our cooperation partners provide you with comprehensive advice

  • in energy purchasing and energy management
  • in the technical plant design and engineering

A mandate or order relationship shall only come into existence with the respective written agreement of the client.

Our services in the field of management consulting range from helping you to help yourself to the consistent implementation of recommended actions in your company.
We attach great importance to the satisfaction and trust of our clients. Our experts offer you individual support to secure the future of your company with various modular consulting concepts from VRT. Be it as an experienced entrepreneur or as a founder of a new business.


Setting goals, developing strategies, checking results

- these are the core elements of effective corporate management. Through active and consistent management, you will have a positive influence on the development of your company. Our experts draw on many years of experience and support you in identifying opportunities where your competitors only see obstacles.
If required, we are also happy to take over your ongoing controlling tasks so that you can concentrate fully on your own core competencies.


Get in touch with us

We look forward to talking to you and will be happy to advise you on all questions regarding


  • Company analysis
  • Preparation of business plans and planning calculations
  • Introduction of controlling instruments and reports
  • Development of optimisation strategies
  • Action planning and project management
  • External controlling

Create the basis for value-oriented corporate management

We see risk management as a permanent task that has to be integrated into the processes of your company. The knowledge of relevant developments and the associated risks enables you to initiate measures to cope with risks at an early stage.

Recognising and weighing up risks in your company is the basis for value-oriented corporate management and should by no means be seen as a one-off action. Minimise the risks for your company with the help of our experts!

We support you with the:


  • Risk identification Risk analysis and quantification
  • Development of risk management measures
  • Design of a risk management system for early detection



Secure essential advantages for yourself

The rating is the classification of the creditworthiness of borrowers. This is done according to a uniformly regulated procedure. It is about finding indications of the probability of timely and timely payments of interest and repayments and serves potential investors to assess the risk of an investment.
A good rating therefore brings significant advantages for your company:

  • New loans will be granted
  • Credit lines can be increased and/or extended
  • The risk of credit termination can be prevented
  • More favourable interest rate conditions with good creditworthiness


In order to help you optimise your rating with your bank or rating agency, our rating specialists have developed three consulting modules:

  • VRT - RA (rating analysis)
  • VRT - RS (rating strategy)
  • VRT- RU (rating support)



The various consulting modules can be used in combination or independently of each other, thus ensuring an optimal consulting approach for you and your company in terms of costs, results and time.

Get in touch with us. Wir look forward to talking to you.


Insolvency advice

Every crisis in a company poses a major challenge to the respective management. Fast and legally secure action is then essential. Together with VRT's tax consultants and auditors, we provide comprehensive advice in the event of a crisis in your company and help you to get back on your feet quickly. Our great strength lies in the multidisciplinary work of our experts. We have many years of expertise in advising on matters of commercial law and insolvency law and are your competent contact for all your fears and questions.


Insolvency of your own company?

If insolvency cannot be avoided, we provide legal advice and support in filing for insolvency. Our advice is aimed in particular at avoiding the private liability of the management and the shareholders and to ward off claims by the insolvency administrator.


Identifying and exploiting opportunities

The Insolvency Code does indeed offer opportunities for insolvent companies.

Within the framework of self-administration and the protective shield procedure under ESUG (Gesetz zur weiteren Erleichterung der Sanierung von Unternehmen), the management of an insolvent company has the possibility of continuing to hold the halter of the action in its own hands. However, careful preparation of the own application is essential in this respect. We will support you on your way to regain the trust of creditors, which has been lost due to the company crisis, together with you at an early stage and in the long term.


Reorganisation - Restructuring

Avoiding insolvency

In a crisis of your company it is necessary to investigate the causes as quickly as possible and to eliminate them in a targeted manner. Insolvency can thus often be avoided by rapid restructuring negotiations with suppliers, creditors, creditors and employees. We will be happy to advise you on the preparation of a reorganisation plan and also support you in its implementation.
In addition, we will support you in measures to restructure your company. These include the spin-off of structurally loss-making business areas, the optimisation of product orientation and sales, operational restructuring including the optimisation of jobs, support of the management by interim management and advice on capital measures.


Acquisition / sale of companies from insolvency

We also advise and support you in legal and tax matters in the purchase and sale of companies out of insolvency. VRT's main areas of expertise include the drafting and review of relevant contracts, the establishment of transfer companies and the arrangement of financing and investor solutions.

When buying out of insolvency, we support you in the reorganisation and restructuring of the insolvent company or part of the company.


Advice/defence in criminal proceedings with insolvency law implications

Insolvency courts are obliged to hand over the respective procedural files to the competent public prosecutor's office when insolvency proceedings are opened or when the opening is refused for lack of assets. Advice in preliminary proceedings in such proceedings then requires comprehensive expertise in insolvency and criminal law. We are happy to advise you on any questions and uncertainties.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary cooperation of lawyers, tax consultants, auditors and payroll clerks, theVRT is able to identify and avoid criminal liability risks of your management even before insolvency. multidisziplinäre Zusammenarbeit von Rechtsanwälten, Steuerberatern, Wirtschaftsprüfern und Lohnsachbearbeitern ist dieVRT in der Lage, bereits im Vorfeld einer Insolvenz Strafbarkeitsrisiken Ihrer Geschäftsleitung zu erkennen und zu vermeiden. 


Insolvency of customers and contractual partners

In the event of the insolvency of customers and contractual partners, competent legal advice, which optimally starts in the run-up to insolvency, is indispensable. Already during the contractual arrangement it must be ensured that your claims are insolvency-proof and that you are also granted insolvency-proof securities. The contractual protection of your company should be a matter of course for you and your management. We will be happy to advise you on various options.
If the contractual partner now becomes insolvent, the insolvency administrator will regularly attempt to increase the insolvency assets by challenging the actions taken before the insolvency. Our experts will advise you in particular in the event of challenges by the insolvency administrator, contract terminations and the insolvency administrator's failure to enter into existing contracts. Furthermore, we support you in negotiations and take over the registration or assertion of your claims against the responsible administrator.


Services for insolvency administrators

We also see ourselves as a service provider for insolvency administrators. In particular, we support you in the legal review of liability and rescission claims, take over contract reviews and support you in company sales and restructuring on the basis of our expertise in company law. Particularly in the area of environmental law, we have been working together with various insolvency administrators for many years on a basis of trust. In insolvency proceedings, we also take over areas of procedural handling and tasks of the tax law department.


Insolvency-proof contract design and asset protection

In our advice, we attach particular importance to the drafting of insolvency-proof contracts and the protection of your assets. For many entrepreneurs, a crisis in the company (without prior protection) also means a threat to their private existence. We advise you, among other things, on the consistent legal and economic separation of private and business assets and on insolvency-proof old-age provision, drawing on a wealth of experience. In this way we can work out and implement the best solutions for you.

Compliance is a compulsory programme of good corporate governance that avoids liability and is the responsibility of the management - regardless of the size and legal form of the company. Several court decisions have highlighted the special importance of compliance structures for the personal responsibility of management in terms of liability and criminal law and for liability avoidance.

We help you to ensure the consistency of your business model, to avoid personal liability of your management and to successfully secure the development of your medium-sized or family-owned company with a tailor-made and practical compliance system.


Customised concepts for your company

We have put together a powerful team of consultants for all relevant areas to provide structured and efficient advice to SMEs and family businesses in the field of compliance. Our experts work hand in hand and combine their skills to provide you with comprehensive advice at all times. We have practical experience in the design and implementation of compliance systems specifically tailored to the business needs of SMEs, including their documentation, and will work with you to develop tailor-made concepts for your company.


Risk prevention and management

Our activities cover both the aspects of risk prevention (e.g. setting up compliance structures, developing guidelines of conduct, compliance training) and risk management (e.g. defence in preliminary proceedings, examination and enforcement of claims for damages, enforcement of labour law sanctions).
We place particular emphasis on the areas of corporate and company organisation, tax compliance, personnel organisation and labour law, environmental protection, contract management and insolvency law.


Criminal law compliance matters


In criminal law compliance matters, we work together with our cooperation partner, attorney Dr. Martin Meinberg. As a criminal defence lawyer, he has outstanding expertise in the field of commercial and corporate criminal law as well as extensive practical experience in implementing compliance systems in corporations and medium-sized companies.
Your contact persons for compliance issues are StB/WP Alexander Schröder and RA Prof. Dr. Rainald Enders.