Avoid mistakes

Successful management of a company calls for timely recognition of potential problems and initiation of appropriate countermeasures. And that’s what makes it so important to be able to access all relevant business data.

Make the right decisions

To make the right decisions, it is necessary to have timely access to key data and ratios from the company's accounts. “Unternehmen-Online” offers our clients a reliable high-performance product that gives them optimum decision-making support. All applications that can be used through the Internet are secured through DATEV by means of “mlDentity” and can be accessed from a protected client area.

An array of benefits

Available online applications include everything from financial accounting (cash and accounts receivable ledger, invoicing, voucher management) to payroll accounting (in particular preliminary entry of payroll data) and information on transactions, credit reports and other analyses. That means you can not only access and print out the corresponding company data, e.g., from accounting records or payroll accounting, but also enter the corresponding data electronically.


Range of services

  •  Financial accounting
  •  Wages and salaries
  •  Information and service


Cash book

Cash receipts and payments are no longer recorded manually, but entered online. Automatic check routines in the programme save the user tedious and time-consuming reconciliations in the case of deviating cash balances. The data records entered can be used immediately for further processing in the accounting system.

Incoming/outgoing invoice book

In our programme module, incoming and outgoing invoices are entered online. You digitise your receipts by fax or scanner and send these electronic receipts to the respective processor at VRT. Your advantage: The original receipts remain with you in the company. The corresponding financial accounting is created on the basis of the digitised vouchers by automatically linking the stored voucher images with already stored accounting records.

Further modules in the financial accounting

In the programme Invoice Writing Online, outgoing invoices can be created automatically and information on open and paid invoices can be obtained. In the voucher management online, the vouchers required for the invoice issue/receipt book are recorded in electronic form and stored for further applications

Lodas Preliminary Entry Online

Our programme supports you in entering the most important personnel data of your employees. This means that you no longer need to have the previous knowledge required for data entry in payroll accounting. The entered data is then electronically transferred to the respective VRT employee for the purpose of creating the payroll.

Evaluation Online

All data relevant to your business accounting as well as the entire payroll accounting are immediately available to you at any time, at any place (with online access). Transmission is encrypted and protected by the DATEV security area.

Bank Info Online

With your consent, you authorise your house bank to provide you with encrypted data concerning your bank account for retrieval. This enables you to retrieve and print out account transactions on your bank account in a timely and secure manner. If you wish, we can transfer the data provided to our financial accounting system for further processing.

Payment Transactions Online

The master data stored in this VRT programme helps you to process your payment transactions efficiently. Payment orders and vouchers are created electronically.