Tax consultancy in the Cologne / Bonn region

Fast, competent advice

For VRT, tax advice involves much more than simply filling out complicated returns and declarations. Whether you’re faced with a need for consulting services to handle complex challenges or simply need someone to overcome bureaucratic obstacles, you can count on us for fast, competent advice no matter what the issues involved.

Unique solutions

In both the private and business spheres, tax burdens can often be reduced. As a result, we are constantly on the lookout for fiscal solutions for our clients that offer advantages without entailing legal risks. When it comes to business formation, choosing the best legal form, acquisitions, estate, asset and succession planning structures or cross-border transactions – we are constantly on the lookout for seamless solutions that we can adapt to your needs and those of your company to achieve optimal results.

Custom programs for your organization

We can develop custom programs for non-profit associations and foundations to integrate their economic activities and defend the interests of our clients in the case of field audits by tax and social-security authorities, appeals and -– if necessary – also before the courts. Of course, our clients also turn to us for support in their dealings with banks, asset managers and insurance companies.

Free up your resources

You can outsource your entire accounting operations to VRT. We can handle your financial and payroll accounting, which guarantees you access to a reliable basis for the assessment of the economic situation of your organization at all times.

Cooperation and communication are important for us

We support the cross-border activities of our domestic clients in close cooperation with our numerous cooperation partners in Europe and overseas. Of course, we also advise foreign companies and private individuals on the economic, tax and legal ramifications of their activities in Germany.

We keep our clients up to date

It goes without saying that we keep our clients up to date on the most recent developments in the area of tax law. We also familiarize our clients with the effects of fundamental changes in fiscal legislation by holding special events and seminars. Our bimonthly online VRT-Info service is another source of topical information. And, finally, our new VRT-Punkt magazine, which appears twice a year, is not only filled with interesting information of specific tax, legal and economic issues, but also features topics of interest from the region.

VRT gives you a reliable single source of information and advice for all business-related questions.

Spectrum of services

  • Bookkeeping, tax returns and financial statements
  • Tax design for entrepreneurs, companies and independent operators
  • Corporate tax planning and structuring
  • International tax law
  • Restructuring, mergers & acquisitions
  • Value-added tax, customs duties and excise taxes
  • Formation and funding for startups
  • Tax design for private individuals
  • Tax design for non-profit organizations, foundations, associations and political parties
  • Payroll accounting, HR
  • Asset planning
  • Advice for physicians
  • Business valuation, cash flow statements, target/actual comparison and analysis
  • Controlling reports and practical comparison
  • Business formation, cooperation and termination of self-employment
  • Wealth management
  • Mediation
  • International services